• Jon Cox

I'm a Mentor!

I am delighted to say that I will be working as a mentor on the WriteMentor 2020 Summer Programme.

I hope to find a budding picture book writer who feels he or she would like help to develop up to three picture book texts over the summer.

I am not (yet!) the most experienced of picture book writers, having only signed with my agent (Lucy Irvine of Peters, Fraser and Dunlop) in January 2020. However, I have been writing picture book texts for about three years now, and have upwards of 30 tucked, rather snugly, under my belt, including seven picture books that have been published by the ThinkEqual charity (see the ‘Books’ page on my website for details).

I also have many years of editorial experience from my days working for Time Out Guides, and am in a fab critique group (four of us are now agented), so I DO know what makes great writing and a killer picture book text. (I’m a keen student of the history of picture books too.)

Picture book folk are the best, and have been unfailingly warm, encouraging and helpful to me since I, rather hesitatingly, dipped my toe in authorial waters. I can’t wait to give a little back.

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