Why do you write picture books?

I love how short they are! Almost all the writing I’ve done in my life is about distillation and concision: using the best possible words in the best possible order. And that is, or should be, what a picture book is. I love that you can pour yourself into a picture book text for a relatively short period of time and then move on to the next one. I don’t have the patience/skill/self-belief to write 50,000+ words on one subject.

And I love the flexibility of picture books - how they can be a vehicle for tackling the heaviest and the lightest of subjects. They can rhyme or not, or be a mixture of the two. They can be cleverly multi-layered or disarmingly simple. They can be based on a single idea or a rich blend of character and narrative. Get the mix of words and pictures just right and they can resonate for a lifetime.